This past month, from Anaheim to Dallas to Washington D.C. to Orlando, Empower Network's LIVE Regional Events transformed people from ALL AROUND THE WORLD, from ALL WALKS OF LIFE!


During the events we launched our completely new and powerful mobile blogging platform a.k.a The Blog Beast.


This technology is EXACTLY what ALL Direct Response, Network, Affiliate, Multi-level marketers, home-based business opportunists and small to medium-sized business owners in ANY INDUSTRY have been waiting for to simplify their lives and their businesses!


Take a few minutes, turn off all distractions and watch this video

Really.... watch it. If you've been to one of our events, you understand the transformation that takes place at our events - and, if you haven't had the opportunity as of yet - this video will give you a little glimpse into what you're missing out on.

See, our events are about transformation. They're an experience. And the result is a better, more powerful, more passionate you... who once you walk out of the event at the end of the weekend, will have a whole new perspective (and a whole new set of tools) to increase the impact you have on the world and the people around you.

So on top of teaching you "how to get more customers", and how to "generate more leads", and how to become a more influential blogger and entrepreneur...

...our main goal is to teach you how to live a more Empowered Lifestyle in all areas of your life. From your finances, to your business, to your relationships.

Bottom line: our events will change your life. There's a reason many of our members have never missed an event, and never will. So enjoy this short trailer, and make a commitment right now to meet us at the next event.


-Derrick S. Blaszkowski 

Your "Empowering" Business Success Coach 


P.S. I also wanted to provide you with a link to work with me directly. 


Whether you're just looking to set yourself or your business up

online using our new blogging platform, or dive into some of our 

high level training....


....or whether you want to build a business and earn from selling

our products...


Watch The Video and Do That Right Here


See you on stage soon :)

Here's something I just received from David Wood (Co-Founder of Empower Network) that I wanted to share with you.

This post talks about how both David Wood and Dave Sharpe (Co-Founder of Empower Network) had hit "rock bottom" in their lives!

They both decided that "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" and it was time to TAKE ACTION, RISE UP and DISCOVER WHAT THEIR PURPOSE WAS!


4 years ago... 

I was sitting with my feet hanging outside of the sliding door of my green,1996 Dodge Caravan---looking out at a full moon over the beach in Kailua, Hawaii, dangling my toes into the sand.

I stared out into the blackness of the sky, the halo of the moon, the sound of the ocean, the feeling of the sand,and wondered... ...will I ever be able to LIVE beyond the grasp of poverty? 


Click Here and see what's possible. 


5 years ago...


A 24 year old Heroin addict is hunched over a toilet, accidentally dropping his last hit---and panics. He stands up with the intention of getting another hit ...the compulsion that had driven his life for nearly a decade...but before he does, he makes a mistake and SEES HIMSELF in the mirror. 

He hates what he sees. His body FIGHTING with every last breath to drag him back to the crack house for another hit ...he looks at himself, screams inside his soul, crying---a tear running down the side of his face, and says the unthinkable in the face of destruction: "ENOUGH is ENOUGH..." ...and makes a NEW DECISION.


Click Here and see what's possible. 


189,000 people in 100 countries later, this ex 'Van Man' and recovering drug addict stand on top of a stage in front of 6,000 people ...

in VICTORY and POWER, realizing the truth of what YOU can do... ...when you only have a dream. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. 

What's possible for you? 

I'm going to suggest, not what is impossible, but what is POSSIBLE, when YOU step into your power... ...ANYTHING.


Click Here if you have a dream. 


Because what you're about to see is... ...startling. NOW.

-David Wood 

"And I rose up..." And saw this, just 4 years later.


Your "Empowering" Business Success Coach 

-Derrick Blaszkowski 


Hello and thanks for stopping on by my blog.

I wanted to share with you a message below I recently received from Dave Sharpe (Co-Founder of Empower Network). 


With the launch our new "Blog Beast" platform right around the corner, our company our leadership and our affiliates are more excited than ever to bring a game-changing product to the market place, jam-packed with the power of our community and our amazing people.

The time to step into your power is: NOW. Do it. Unleash your inner BeastMode, and let's lock arms and change the world -- one person at a time.

Special thanks to all those who have supported this amazing launch, the tireless work our team has put in to make this all happen, and the support of our affiliates and leadership who are best in class and second to none! If you asked them though - they'd say "it's all worth it, because of the people's lives it impacts positively"... and they're right.

Join us. Let's rock this. The Blog Beast launches Friday October 18th, 2013!

-Dave Sharpe

"Co-Founder of Empower Network"


-Derrick Blaszkowski 

Your "Empowering" Business Success Coach 



Quick video from my office here in Waukesha, WI. Why am I so grateful to have found this industry, Empower Network and #Project A.W.O.L. (Another Way Of Life)? Check it out....more to come! Interested in learning more about this business and incredible suite of products? Visit Have an incredible day. Derrick

Interested in learning more about how the Blog Beast..ENv2 will simplify your life and business?

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